lean meat

IL MAGRO / the slim

IL MAGRO is an extraordinary product, a salami prepared with all the care and experience of our family. Aromatic, with a full-bodied taste, it is hand made with 90% lean meat.

With the smallest possibile quantity of fat, IL MAGRO is ideally tasted ‘fresh’, after a 40 days seasoning.

Mortadella di Prato IGP is a unique product whose origins date back to the early nineteenth century. It is made exclusively in Prato and its surrounding areas.
Forgotten by local residents for many years, this ancient and distinctive product was rediscovered in 1950 along with its recipe, which only uses prime Italian meat.
Nowadays production is governed by a rigorous set of rules designed to safeguard the established tradition. Preparation techniques have remained unchanged over time, carefully preserved by just a few craftsmen, resulting in a unique and special product.
The production process calls for the exclusive use of lean pork: shoulder, prosciutto
trimmings, capocollo, cheek, lard and pancetta. The meat is ground and kneaded together with chunks of fat and then mixed with spices.
The secret lies in the seasoning: salt, black pepper grains, crushed garlic and spices: cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg and cloves. Its special ingredient is Alchermes, a liqueur that adds a very distinctive colour and flavour to the mortadella.
Bagged in natural pig gut, the mortadella is then baked in a steam oven for 10-12 hours, until it reaches an interior temperature of between 68 and 70 degrees Centigrade. After being cooled in a blast chiller, it is sold in slices or vacuum-packed slabs.
In 2000, Mortadella di Prato IGP was granted a Slow Food Presidium, and has found a respected position amongst niche products.
It is perfect diced with aperitifs, as key ingredient in the recipes of our chefs or served as an antipasto – perhaps accompanied by Carmignano fig mostarda.


Calvana beef cut seasoned in aromas: a healthy choice due to its noble nutritional value that characterizes this autochthonous breed in the Prato territory; bred in the wild accordingly with regulations.  Appetizer, special ingredient for winter sauces, light main course: Brescalvana is a passe partout in the most attentive and gourmet pantries.