the Cinta Senese Prosciutto PDO has arrived

The cut of our first Cinta Senese Prosciutto PDO had to be entrusted to the best Tuscan chefs: the extraordinary skills of Andrea Campani, chef at Osteria del Borro at San Giustino and Andrea Perini, chef of the restaurant Borgo i Vicelli at Bagno di Ripoli; here they are in action at our laboratories: enjoy!
Andrea Perini

TASTE 2022

Taste has been back!
We were happy to welcome historical customers and meet new visitors in the splendid location of Fortezza da Basso. There was a high satisfaction for the novelties presented: our Cinta Senese Prosciutto and chicken with pistachio and truffle.


In our laboratory, we have just completed a course with the leading experts on Prontocuoci: meats ready to be cooked. More choices, better aesthetics, zero possibilities of having a bad meal: we prepare, you cook, and in a blink of an eye a meal is served. 


Always Gourmet

Soon the appointments with great chefs that use Mannori products will be back: don’t miss the live transmissions, follow us: