Mannori Butcher’s Shop and Charcuterie

a family business

In the early 900s, the Mannori family started raising Calvana cattle. Then, in 1950, Mario Angiolo Mannori alongside his wife, Alba, opened their establishment in Vergaio: since then, the Mannori Butcher’s Shop and Charcuterie products have been a synonym for quality and daintiness

In the 70s, their two children, Maria Teresa and Domenico, further increased the sales and production of the business, and up to this day they’ve been gaining experience and working passionately with top-notch raw materials.
The recent involvement of the family’s fourth generation – the sisters Sue Ellen and Celeste – takes the business to an international level never seen before.The constant structural renovations and the incessant strive for excellence in recipes, procedures, and services, have allowed Mannori to offer products that comply with the high expectations of even the most demanding customers, all with a completely handcrafted production.