the Raw Materials

The science behind our raw materials is basically a combination of knowledge, experience, and seriousness, that contributes to the selection of the meats to be processed; it is the basis for the quality of our products.
We mainly work with Tuscan pork, locally born and raised in Tuscany, as well as Calvana meat: extremely precious and rare to find, the product takes its name after the hill above the Prato area, where cattle graze.
The animals’ diet is mainly based on hay, pasture, and cereals; it’s GMO and antibiotic free.

in the Laboratory

The meat processing is done completely by hand within our laboratories, and we also choose which animal parts are the best fit for each and every one of our products.
Our experience is the fundamental component of the process that gives that distinguished aroma to all of our products: salting and curing. The blend of natural salts, spices, and scents is iconic and one-of-a-kind in all of our meats; it is part of the recipes that were handed down by our grandfather, which we still keep sacredly secret to this day.
After this procedure, some of our specialties also include massaging by hand the meat, an ancient typical tradition from our region.

and then?

At this point, our products reach a ‘second phase’ of production. This phase is not only specific for each type of product, but also absolutely typical of each producer: baking or ageing, truly fundamental for the flavour composition.
We use earth cellars for meat ageing, last-generation ovens to bake at low temperatures, and probe meat thermometers to achieve a perfect temperature, no juice waste, and a clean, crisp taste.

our Organic Path

As one of the PGI* and PDO** product manufacturers, a prime specialized brand asked us to develop an organic product line, so soon we will offer certified products to all of our clients.

our effort’s recognition

We profoundly believe that our disciplined practices can guarantee that the final consumer will be able to recognize a quality product and a business that deeply respects tradition, animal health, and food safety.
Our efforts are recognized through certifications like PGI*, PDO**, and Slow Food***.
Additionally, we have the certification for the UNI EN ISO 22000**** norm, which ensures food safety.



*PGI: (Protected Geographical Indication) European certification that states that the production and processing can only take place in a specific area.
**PDO:(Protected Designation of Origin) EU quality scheme that ensures production is fairly held following general guidelines.
***Slow Food: The Slow Food Presidia recognises quality production at risk of extinction, the protection of unique regions and ecosystems, recovering of traditional processing methods, and the safeguard of local breeds and plant varieties.
****UNI EN ISO 22000: European norm that specifies for any food business or organization the basic guidelines to ensure food safety.