Porchetta Roasted Pork


Boneless pig torso, seasoned with herbs and oven roasted, producing a crisp golden-brown exterior.

It is obtained from the central part of the pig, removing hams and shoulders, with the remainder the corset is obtained which includes: the loin, the pancetta and the rosticciana in a single block; this is deboned, stuffed, rolled, sewn and tied, finally it is baked in the oven for several hours, after cooking it is cooled. The log externally has a caramelized color with crunchy browning on the outside.It is eaten in slices, at room temperature or slightly heated, with homemade bread cooked in wood, with a combination of a fresh rosé wine that enhances the flavor.

Quantity 1 KG sliced, vacuum packed



  • Packaging: KG: 1.00


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