Tuscan Salami

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The Tuscan salami is characterized by the other salamis for its savory, very aromatic taste, and for its appearance, with rather coarsely chopped fat.
It is a cured pork sausage prepared with lean parts of the pig (ham and shoulder). Of compact consistency, dark red color, very intense aroma and flavor.
The sizes range from 700 g to 3.00 kg. The lean meat is finely chopped and combined with the fat obtained from the dorsal region of the pig, cut into cubes. Everything is mixed with herbs (salt, peppercorns, red wine, garlic) and stuffed into natural casings.
Maturing lasts from 20 days to 4 months, depending on the size of the salami.
This cured meat, as well as being eaten naturally, together with bread or focaccia, is also combined with some fruit preparations, as in the case of the summer appetizer, consisting of salami and figs.

Packaging: KG: 0.600 – 1.200

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